Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Right to Information

Just got back from an AID screening of a documentary by MKSS on Right to Information. I had seen (parts of) it the first time when Aruna Roy was in LA last year (at an event organized by IFA). Vishal, a fellow Asha volunteer, who was present at the screening and is familiar with Mahadhikar (which works in Maharashtra where an RTI act has been in effect before an effective central law was passed recently) says however that without more judicial reforms the path to curbing corruption is not very easy.

In solidarity with all those tirelessly fighting heartless corruption...


Blogger silverine said...

Corruption is too embedded in the administrative machinery. Corruption has also become a way of life. It would indeed need judicial reforms to curb corruption but nowadays the Judiciary seems to the last resort like the army for emergency measures. Sad state of affairs.

btw I notice that my blogs do not show up at KBR.


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